Friday, 3 February 2012

Tasks and Projects in computers

We need our computers and our technology to be arranged around Tasks and Projects. We shouldn't need to think in terms of apps and websites. It shouldn't matter that I am browsing to Facebook with Google Chrome. What I am thinking of when I do this is connecting with my friends - communicating, catching up. My goal was never to use Facebook itself. Facebook is a means to an end. My Task is what matters to me, and I can do it any way I please.

Similarly, when my hard drive is arranged into drives and folders, and I have this list of recently opened files in Word, this different list in Excel and a separate email folder for certain things in Outlook, where do I find what I've been working on? I don't want files, folders and apps on my computer. I want Projects, where all the data for one project is organised together, and any apps I have open inside there are incidental - they exist only because they are part of that Project context. The only reason I have to think of Word and Excel at all is because they are awful at maintaining context together.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - I've ranted along these lines before.
PPS - I should really write an essay about it or something.

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