Sunday, 7 October 2007

The Sunday Mok - Stargate Season 10

Sunday - I went to church alone in the morning, then mowed the front lawn when I got home. Deb and I watched Stargate SG-1 until church in the evening. I ran the computer.
Monday - I worked all day on data imports for Knowledge Workbench. In the evening I visited one of Deb's Mary Kay meetings with her and Linda.
Tuesday - I went to work early because I had a dentist appointment in the afternoon and wanted to make up time before I left. It had been a long time since I'd seen the dentist, but I just needed a clean. After karate, more Stargate.
Wednesday - I was at the office for about ten hours total (including breaks) so I wasn't that focused by the time I left. In the evening Deb and I had a visit from Gwen, the minister, after which we had some ice cream.
Thursday - I've been tired in the mornings for a little while. I think I might have been a bit sick. Family dinner in the evening included cake for Wendy's birthday, and was followed by Stargate at home.
Friday - Deb and I met Murrae and Tracey for dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Aspley, followed by bowling nearby. I had two bad games.
Saturday - We went out shopping for Operation Christmas Child, then spent some time stuffing all our gifts into the shoeboxes. In the afternoon I suddenly felt queasy and broke a fever out of nowhere, so I went to bed early.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - Our Internet connection seems a bit unreliable right now.
PPS - But obviously it's good enough to post with.

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