Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Google Glass

I'm kind of fascinated by the Google Glass project. I wanted a wearable computer a long time ago, back when that would have meant a backpack, an industrial headset and learning to use a one-handed "chording" keyboard. Now it means a pair of glasses you talk to.

I would love to have one, because I think it would be more convenient for me, especially when looking up facts online or watching and listening to podcasts on the train, or navigating. I have a feeling it would revolutionise the way I interact with my phone.

The one place I feel it would go backwards, however, is in sharing what I find with others. Right now, if I find something interesting on my phone, I can turn it around to show to someone else. With Glass, I would either have to look them up and send it to their phone or their Glass somehow, or I'd have to take it off my head and let them look through it. It does come up now and then, so I'd be interested to see what day-to-day usage turns that into.

Also, if we are all forever running around with cameras strapped to our faces, will that change how we feel about privacy? Will there be places like that where it becomes socially unacceptable to wear them, like change rooms, restrooms, government buildings? With the awkward shape, how will you put them away to show that you're not recording everything someone is doing or saying?

Mokalus of Borg

PS - All questions that may be answered sooner rather than later.
PPS - We've developed an unspoken mobile phone etiquette already.

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