Friday, 7 December 2012

Friday Flash Fiction - Dutton Park

Artifacts as found at the ruin of the homestead of Mr C Kelly, Dutton Park. Catalogued by Acolyte (First Order) R Smith.

Item 1: A plain wooden spoon. Slightly worn handle. A hole at the end with a short length of rope threaded through. Slightly charred.

Item 2: Mobile phone. Brand uncertain. Touch screen melted, casing badly damaged.

Item 3: Frying pan. Cast iron, 30cm. Mysteriously magnetised.

Item 4: Pile of bricks. 11 in varied colours. The bricks have been fused together at the molecular level. They can only be counted due to the odd angles at which they face.

Item 5: Doorknob. Brass. Interdimensionally twisted. Appears to be turning in four dimensions when viewed from different angles.

Item 6: Workbench. 1.4 metres high, 2 metres long, 1 metre deep. Heavily worn and scratched. Appears to have held glass beakers, whose cracked bases are now fixed to the bench. Other shards of glass were found scattered throughout the ruin in various sizes. The surface scratch marks appear to have been made by claws of some kind.

Item 7: Eyeglasses. Gold wire rims, round lenses. Cracked. Stained with blood.

Item 8: Spell book. Remarkably unharmed. Bookmarked at chapter 13, "Summoning".

Mokalus of Borg

PS - I wanted to try something a bit different with this week's Flash Fiction.
PPS - It's good to be back writing short pieces again.

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