Monday, 2 July 2012

Having no RSS feed is bad

I might be a little weird, or a little set in my ways, but when I come across a website that I would like to follow, and it doesn't provide an RSS feed, I tend to forget about it. RSS simplified my online life so much through Google Reader that it was almost as if Reader became the web to me. If you don't have an RSS feed, I'm probably not going to remember to come back, and that goes for Facebook too. Whatever the cause, when I find a website I like, I add it to Google Reader. If I can't add it, I won't be back.

If there is anyone else like me, then they might come up with this question: why does WordPress not produce RSS feeds by default? I don't know a lot about how WordPress works, but if it's got a database of content in the background, then producing a feed is trivial. Perhaps it's the fault of theme-makers who don't want to clutter their art with icons or extraneous links.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - This problem may apply only to me.
PPS - It seems a lot of problems apply only to me through my weirdness.

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John said...

As it turns out, Wordpress does produce RSS feeds by default. It's just usually a secret because it's not displayed on most themes. This is just as bad as having no feed at all.