Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A supernatural bucket list

I have a vague list of impossible things I would like to try. Here they are:

- Sense magnetic and electric fields.
I have no idea what it would be like, because they're totally novel sensations, not extensions to existing senses. Experiencing these for the first time would be like a blind person learning to see, or so I expect.
- See infra red and ultra violet.
- Hear ultra and infra sound.
These I just think would be cool, because they're just a bit more than we usually experience.
- Read someone's mind.
Nobody in particular. I would just like to be able to hear someone's thoughts as they go through life, to see what other people think like.
- See through walls.
Useful and cool, too, plus a lot of mechanical stuff goes on behind walls and panels that we're not usually allowed to see, and this would make it easier, faster and less destructive to find out about it.

Superhuman feats:
- Move too quickly to be seen
Mostly for the looks on people's faces, but also because I could get so much more done with my day.
- Leap onto or over tall buildings
Since I saw The Matrix I've wanted to be able to jump like that. The closest thing I have now are characters in City of Heroes.
- Run for days on end
I love running, but I get worn out and sore from it too.
- Free dive to the bottom of the ocean
So I can shake hands with a giant squid? I don't know. The bottom of the ocean is something we just don't know much about, and we can only see it with very rugged little robots.
- Lift a bus over my head
- Punch through a concrete wall
To feel powerful.

Magic and science:
- Teleport
I imagine it would look different from the inside than from outside.
- Fly
To zoom around buildings in a city would be a lot of fun.
- Throw a fireball
Like the feats of strength above, I just think this would be cool.
- Time travel
And who hasn't wanted to do this?
- Walk in four or more dimensions.
I read Flatland. It blew my mind, which is a pretty big achievement for a maths book.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - I reserve the right to edit or amend this list as I see fit.
PPS - And in case these things actually become possible.

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