Friday, 5 August 2011

Microsoft, HTML5 and the end of .NET

Microsoft are kind of trying to kill .NET, starting with the UI frameworks, Silverlight and WPF, and probably moving down from there. In its place, they are trying to go where they imagine the developers are: HTML5 and JavaScript. In one sense, that's smart and gutsy, considering you will tick off and abandon all the developers who were loyal to you, and maybe (big maybe) get a whole new batch to take their place.

If their platform disintegrates to the lowest common denominator, they won't be attracting developers to theirs at all, just levelling the playing field and competing on ... what? Apple wins at hardware design, which everyone copies, their "metro" design style is much more difficult for users than the other two major smartphone operating systems, and that leaves exclusive content, which just makes everyone feel betrayed or locked in.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - .NET has had a good run as a development platform, I guess.
PPS - But in some ways, it's just getting started.

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