Wednesday, 20 July 2011

These things I believe

Here, in summary, are a few of the things I believe about technology and other miscellaneous subjects:

1. Technology should be about people, not the other way around. We built these machines for ourselves. The least they could do is serve their human masters.
2. DRM is bad. It's an anti-customer technology you use when you hate the people who give you money.
3. Open competition is better than monopoly, but outright anarchy is worse than competition. Competition breeds innovation, but a total free-for-all makes for analysis paralysis.
4. If you segment your market for yourself, you will limit your profits, because then each segment needs to be individually justified.
5. The internet is good at making little things global (like a home business), but bad at making local things big (because where do you look for them?).
6. Offline is as important as online, sync is as important as live. This is because the network, especially the mobile network, is not guaranteed accessible all the time, even when it's pretty good and certainly not when you're in remote areas.
7. Privacy is what we gain with good security, not what we have to give up.
8. Everyone is wrong some of the time, and sometimes, everyone is wrong at once. Truth is not decided by majority rule.
9. We have not reached equity of male and female rights and expectations yet.
10. We need to have some pie-in-the-sky ideals to know where we want to head, and to evaluate our actions.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - At the very least, we need to know why we believe what we do.
PPS - I've just realised I haven't written much justification for any of these.

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