Thursday, 3 March 2011

Windows Live Mesh

I've installed and evaluated another media synchronisation tool: Windows Live Mesh. The setup seems more slick than other programs I've tried, and it keeps the options simple to keep the program usable. This means it misses the mark on bandwidth limiting and scheduling, too, but allows me to set up any number of sync folders that I want, and does them peer-to-peer. It synchronises over the local network when possible, so no bandwidth is used to keep things up to date between my home machines.

The one little problem is that it convinced itself there were 20 files changed on one machine that, in fact, do not exist. No matter what happens, whether I remove and re-add machines to that sync profile (My Music) or create dummy files to pretend to be the ones in waiting, it is perpetually waiting for these imaginary files that will never exist. The only advice available online for fixing this tiny problem is to uninstall the entire program, reinstall it, then set up all your synchronisation again, on every machine. For me, that's four machines and over 20GB of data, so that's a giant red mark on the Live Mesh score card. Other than that, I endorse it by the fact that I am currently still using it.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - I previously reviewed Libox.
PPS - I uninstalled that one after just one day.

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