Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The world of tomorrow

My friends recently made a whole new person called Georgia. Thinking this morning of the world she will grow up in, I noted the following things:

1. There have always been iPhones and iPads.
2. There has never been an unbroken male line of Australian Prime Ministers.
3. Michael Jackson has always been dead. Same with Heath Ledger.
4. WiFi has always been available on planes, and the TSA has always tried to stop you getting on board.
5. There has never been a building called the World Trade Centre.
6. George W Bush has always been a former President of the United States.

There's obviously a lot more that will be true about the world by the time she grows up, and it's possible items 4 and 5 won't stay on the list, but it's interesting to think about.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - I don't think I'd recognise this world through those eyes.
PPS - At least not yet. They can't quite focus.


Chris said...



-Both Star Wars Trilogies will be the old trilogies
-Computers and video games have never beeped at you.
-Nickleback and Linkin Park will be considered "classic rock."

John said...

Oh, and a couple more Star Wars items:

- Jar Jar Binks has always been in Star Wars.
- Han never shot first.
- Hayden Christiansen's creepy smile has always been at the end of RoTJ.
- There has always been a LEGO computer game version.

Miv said...

Hmm... Chris, while I understand your comment I can assure you that Georgia will never grow up in a world where either nickleback or linkin park would be considered "classic rock".

In the eyes of her parents, any thoughts of this nature could only be considered sacrilegious!

John said...

With any luck, she'll never have to learn about Nickelback at all.