Tuesday, 11 December 2007

GrandCentral phone system

I like the idea of the GrandCentral consolidated phone system. It's old news to the tech sector, but I only got excited about it the other day. Not only does it mean you can start screening callers to your different phones automatically (directing business contacts only to your work phone and so on) it also means you can change any of those underlying numbers without having to inform all of your contacts.

For businesses, unfortunately, this means that key employees might leave with a large number of customers that automatically follow them to their new, rival company. It also means I can shop around for the absolute best mobile deal, changing my plan every year if I want, and I never have to inform anyone of my new numbers. I can move house - even interstate or overseas - and still get my home calls. If I go on holidays, I can temporarily redirect all my numbers to voice mail and check it when I get back. The possibilities for taking back control on Mr Bell's fiendish device are staggering and very interesting.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - Now I just want the same ability with my paper mail.
PPS - Though that would look a bit different.

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